Wonder app icon, a Wikipedia reader for iPhone


A Wikipedia Browser

What is Wonder?

Wonder is a Wikipedia browser for iPhone focussed on search, readability and navigation. It is a fast and powerful way to research and learn with Wikipedia.


And, of course:

Release date and price

Wonder will be released on June 30 at 8am PDT and will cost $4.99.


Who makes Wonder?

Jonathan Thiry, an independent iOS developer originally from France and now living in Sweden.

Email: wonder@jonathanthiry.com
Twitter: @jonathanthiry

Why another Wikipedia reader?

An app called Articles used to be my favorite way to access Wikipedia. Its navigation was inspired by Safari with a search bar at the top of the screen, a navigation bar at the bottom and tabs to navigate between articles. Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been updated in years. I never found a good replacement so I decided to create one.


App Icon

Wonder app icon, a Wikipedia app for iPhone


Wonder banner